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What is an Administrative License Suspension?

On its own, being charged – and potentially convicted – for a DUI or DWI is a nightmare scenario for everyone. But an administrative license suspension (ALS) worsens that situation – it withholds driving privileges immediately upon a DUI/DWI arrest. For this and other reasons, you need the best DUI/DWI

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Protect Your Family’s Future by Making a Will

Nationwide, people remain indoors to wait out the pandemic’s danger. This situation has produced an opportunity for them to redecorate, clean out old spaces, and finish other home projects. Yet many Americans avoid a task that could protect their family in a tragedy: creating a will.    At Dua Law

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Driving Into 2021: The New Year’s New Laws

With the new year underway, many of us have begun new routines for a happy and healthy 2021. But changes in our state’s statutes have also appeared. Indeed, Virginians are seeing a few dramatic shifts in driving laws, parts of a larger pattern spanning the past few years.    As

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Fairfax Petit Larceny / Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

Being charged with shoplifting may sound like a relatively mundane or minor offense. However, if you are convicted, it means you will be left with a criminal record. This record, even for a minor offense, carries significant ramifications on your personal reputation and options in the future regarding employment, education,

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