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Traffic and Criminal

I contacted Raj after I received a four-point speeding violation in Fairfax City. I was concerned about maintaining my good driving record and sought Raj’s representation in reducing the violation. He was successful in reducing the charge to a no-point violation, which should not appear on my driving record, which is a better outcome than I had hoped. Raj is great at explaining the law to his clients and keeping them informed. He also has an excellent working relationship with the local judges and prosecutors, which makes him more effective in obtaining favorable outcomes. I would not hesitate to seek Raj’s assistance on any legal matter in the future.
I was given a traffic violation of reckless driving for going above speed limit. On contacting Mr. Raj Dua, I was assured about my situation by his calm mannerism and polite speech. His experience and knowledge about the field of law gave me confidence. I followed his instructions and appeared in court. Mr. Dua managed to reduce the charge from-6 points to zero points. I was let off with a fine. There were no negative points added to my driving record and it did not affect my insurance. Mr. Dua is a fine gentleman and a very good attorney. I would approach him and recommend him to my contacts if need arise.
Mr. Raj Dua and his firm are extremely professional. They handled my case as if it was a top priority. He was there for every court case. Mr. Dua fought for me all the way through until my case was completely dismissed. He and his firm are amazing…simply amazing!
Mr. Raj Dua and his firm are extremely professional. They handled my case as if it was a top priority. He was there for every court case. Mr. Dua fought for me all the way through until my case was completely dismissed. He and his firm are amazing…simply amazing!
I had a great experience with The Dua Law Firm. I had a court hearing for a speeding ticket, and Raj Dua made things very simple. He explained everything in simple terms and broke down any and all costs that resulted from the hearing. I’m glad to have had their team on my side to help with the case. Thank you and will make sure to recommend you for anyone else that may need your services.
I consulted Mr. Raj Dua for a speeding ticket in Fairfax County from a speed trap setup in Reston. He provided free consultation on the phone and later promptly replied with any follow up questions/concerns through emails. He represented me in the court for the speeding ticket with 3 points and helped to lower the charge to a violation with no Virginia points. His fees are very reasonable with no other incremental charges and is very professional to deal with.
Raj Dua is a great lawyer and is very easy to work with. I used his services to fight a speeding ticket and at the end of the day the speeding violation was dropped to a non-moving violation with zero points. Again he is very easy to work with and to get a hold of if you have a question. Just to give a quick example, when I first got my ticket I called the number on his website at about 8pm (after hours I might add), left a message and within a half hour he called me back. I highly recommend the Dua Law Firm!
I’m happy to say that I have dealt with Dua Law Firm, with very satisfying results. My Attorney’s name was Mr. Raj Dua, and I was very impressed with the way he handled my case. Mr. Dua did a very professional job, and I would be more than happy to recommend his Law Firm to anyone needing Professional Defense Attorneys, who pay attention to details and meets your needs in a timely manner. Raj Dua was absolutely the most communicative lawyer I have ever encountered, I was always able to reach him one way or another. His professionalism, humanity and understanding were beyond what I could ever hope for. Mr. Dua has impressive skills and is a wonderful down to earth person to speak to as well as being tough enough to get things done!
On March 25th, 2014, I was stopped in Stafford, Virginia for speeding. What I thought was a speeding ticket, turned out to be a reckless driving charge. I received various attorney solicitations in the mail, out of all letters, the Dua Law Firm caught my attention, as it was simple and to the point. I contacted attorney Raj Dua to dispute my case as I reside in Florida. I was very pleased with the way Mr. Raj Dua handled my case, as my reckless driving charge was completely dismissed! Thank you Raj, I will recommend your firm any given day.

Divorce and Family Law

A lawyer with passion who knows his craft. I have utilized Mr. Van Hook’s services and all I can say that he is to the point and very articulate lawyer. He kept us on the point. Every time we digress he brought us back to reality. We were thinking emotionally and he guided us logically. I am impressed with his knowledge. First I was concerned knowing how young he is but he amazed us with his knowledge of the subject. I highly recommend Mr. Travis Ryan Van Hook for family law.
Travis Van Hook did an excellent job handling my child support case. From the very beginning he provided me with excellent service: fast responses to my questions, sound strategies and a willingness to advocate firmly on my behalf. Travis was patient, friendly and supportive. He made sure I understood every step of the process and never failed to exactly follow my directions. I could not have asked for better counsel.
Great lawyer!!! I had the pleasure of hiring Mr. Raj Dua as my attorney to represent me when I was filing for a divorce. After calling several law firms (most of which I got voice-mail or just didn’t feel a good vibe) I found Mr. Dua online.
I called him right away and I was very impressed with the way he handled my case. I know a lot of lawyers can’t be trusted or they are shady but Mr. Dua is definitely an exception. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone who needs trust worthy legal advice. From the beginning, he has been incredibly helpful, all the while keeping in mind the cultural nuances. He guided me through every step with clear and concise assistance and he is extremely caring, as well, because he showed concern for my future, a very rare quality in a lawyer. I was very satisfied with the quick and efficient outcome of my case.
I had a good experience with Dua Law Firm. Raj and Travis both worked on my case. They both did their best. Travis was excellent in his work. He always kept me updated with my case and was always ready to clear my doubts. I would definitely recommend Dua Law Firm for family law.
I had a simple divorce that became litigious. Raj tried to keep me out of divorce court and managed by recommending a professional mediator. It worked out well. It was a difficult time in my life, yet Raj was very understanding and clear as to what COULD be done IF and WHEN I wanted to proceed. He was very respectful of my emotions and time. I would recommend him highly.
I found Raj Dua through a women’s advocacy group in June 2008. My three children had been abducted from India and brought to the Virginia, USA without my knowledge, and I was beginning a long struggle to get my children back through the Fairfax courts. Not only did Mr. Dua come highly recommended to me by the women’s group who was helping me at the time, but as I began working with him, I found that he was very talented. From the first meeting, Mr. Dua presented a keen intelligence, an eye of detail and a sympathy for my case.
I was going through a very difficult personal time when I contacted Raj. From our first conversation itself, Raj put me at ease about my situation. Despite challenges that were there in my case, Raj remained calm and provided sound advice each time. Raj paid great attention to the details was well prepared each time we met. Thanks to his representation, we were able to find a solution and resolved the matter. I personally thank Raj for being my attorney and he has my highest recommendation.