Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

Prince William County

Set right across the Potomac River, Prince William County is a charming place to live. The county is filled with beautiful wineries and historic sites that are frequented by residents and visitors alike.  Finding an attorney that understands your needs can be a challenging task.  Each case is different and thus has different needs.  Fortunately, we specialize in almost all types of law, and have an experienced team that is willing to fight to get the best results for our clients. Learn more about our legal services in Prince William County, VA.

Fairfax County

Fairfax County is a beautiful and unique community, that is only a short drive away from the nations capital.  Being home to George Mason University and a large commuting community, Fairfax County pulls people in from all over Northern Virginia.  Finding the best lawyer or attorney can seem like a challenging task, but here at DUA Law Firm we guarantee we will do everything possible to get you the best results.  Learn more about our legal services in Fairfax County, VA.

Loudoun County

Loudoun County is a unique and historic area. Almost every neighborhood has a treasure of its own. The city offers many great shops and restaurants that reflect the city’s cultural and ethnic diversity. We love serving the great area of Loudoun County. Our team members are all year-round, experienced attorneys with a strong reputation for legal knowledge, attention to detail, and great client services.  Let us get you the best legal results possible.  Learn more about our services in Loudoun County, VA.

Spotsylvania County

Part of the DC metro area, Spotsylvania County is an amazing place.  With businesses, locations, and people unique only to the area, Spotsylvania County is truly a one of a kind place.  Spotsylvania County and the surrounding areas have always been part of our home, and we are proud to serve the areas legal needs.  We have the experience and experts to tailor to the needs of each and every client.  Learn more about our legal services in Spotsylvania County, VA.


Bordering Washington DC., Arlington is a prime location for Members of Congress, diplomats, and high-ranking officials looking for a place outside the capital city limits to call home. The shopping, dining, and entertainment options are endless with Tyson’s Corner and Tyson’s Galleria just a short drive away from Arlington. DUA Law Firm has been trusted in Arlington for ensuring the best legal services for you and your family. Here at DUA, we always put our clients needs first. Learn more about our legal services in Arlington, VA.

Stafford County

Located between the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Washington DC, the quaint community of Stafford County offers a plethora of living, dining, and entertainment options. DUA Law Firm has been helping residents in Stafford County for years with their legal needs. We have the expertise and legal team to work on any case, and we guarantee the best results possible.  Learn more about our legal services offered in Stafford County, VA.


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