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Protect Your Family’s Future by Making a Will

Nationwide, people remain indoors to wait out the pandemic’s danger. This situation has produced an opportunity for them to redecorate, clean out old spaces, and finish other home projects. Yet many Americans avoid a task that could protect their family in a tragedy: creating a will. 


At Dua Law Firm, we understand why families struggle to discuss this painful topic. Nevertheless, avoiding it could threaten members’ future security and comfort. So reach out to our practice and speak with a professional will planning attorney about your intentions. Our attorneys and legal experts aim to help Northern Virginia residents through difficult moments. We offer representation in family law, divorce, traffic, criminal law and other areas. You’ll find our team available 24/7 and dedicated to meeting your goals. 


Below, we discuss the processes of creating a will and estate planning as well as reasons why you should consult Dua Law: 

Why Bother Making a Will?

A 2017 study found that 60% of Americans did not have a will. Their reasons included confusion about how to make one, their belief that they lacked valuable assets, and their youth and health made one unnecessary. But anyone who has property or dependents should make a will. 


Without a will, one puts control of their money and property up for grabs. Their family and friends lack guidance on caring for children and assets. Ultimately, the situation may devolve into a long legal battle, as seen in cases of celebrities who die without a will. 


In making a will, one should also create both a health care directive and a power of attorney. The first document empowers a party to make medical decisions if the directive holder cannot. Likewise, the second authorizes a party to decide on financial/legal matters for the same scenario. 

Further Estate Planning

In addition to wills and health care directives, one could consider another kind of estate planning: a revocable living trust. In this agreement, a grantor names a trustee to oversee their assets. After the grantor passes away, the trustee distributes assets to the beneficiaries. 


We also suggest that you consider what your family and friends may need to distribute your estate. A letter of instructions can provide materials such as bank account information, home ownership details, life insurance instructions, and funeral arrangements. 


We recognize that all these preparations can be painful to think about, let alone discuss with family. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see why they are important to set up. Legal processes and documentation can be time-consuming, so don’t wait until the last minute. 

Working With Our Attorneys

While online platforms for creating these documents exist, we advise that you work with one of our attorneys. As experts in these proceedings, they can guide you through the complex process of organizing assets. Such advice will be essential for folks with a large portfolio. 


If you already have a will or trust in place, you should go through an attorney for any changes. Minor errors on your part may create confusion and a loss of benefits for your beneficiaries. A professional can catch such mistakes and ensure your requests are honored. 

Professional Will Planning Attorney Available Now in Northern Virginia


As the effects of the pandemic continue to play out, use a bit of your extra time to prepare for the future. Reach out to Dua Law Firm and speak to a professional will planning attorney. Our team is dedicated to providing folks throughout Northern Virginia with legal representation. Whether you require guidance or counsel, you can depend on us to give your case personal attention. Call us today at (703) 382-7300 or fill out our online form.