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Protective Orders in Prince William County, VA

Do you need a Protective Order in Prince William County, VA?

We not only represents clients in a variety of divorce and property settlement actions, but also in situations of family abuse. We put our clients first in all situations, but especially when the health and well-being of a client is at risk. If you are facing domestic abuse or violence, you need to take action immediately. We can help you put the law to work for you, so that you can protect yourselves and your children against an abusive spouse, parent or other family member.

Who Can Get a Protective Order in Prince William County?

If you have been abused, you can get a protective order against that individual.

What are the Different Types of Protective Orders

  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO): A person can get an emergency protective order, which last 72 hours, immediately after the abuse. An emergency protective order is limited in nature and is granted by the magistrate.
  • Preliminary Protective Order (PPO): A person can get a preliminary protective order, which lasts up to 15 days. This generally occurs after the emergency protective order expires and is granted by a judge either after testimony by the person seeking a protective order or based on an affidavit.
  • Protective Order (PO): A person can get a protective order, which lasts up to 2 years. It is generally granted at the same time as the preliminary protective order expires.

How to Get Protective Order

To get a protective order, you must first file a petition. You may file a petition in the county where you live, the county where the abuser lives or in the county where the abuse occurred. After you file for a protective order, the court will schedule a hearing to determine whether to grant a protective order.

What Protective Orders Can Do

The purpose of a protective order is to protect you and your loved ones from future abuse. Depending on the facts surrounding your family situation, a protective order can include a number of different provisions, including the following:

  • Ordering the abuser to leave your house
  • Granting you temporary possession of the house
  • Ordering the abuser to participate in a treatment or counseling program
  • Giving you temporary possession of any jointly owned motor vehicles
  • Granting you temporary custody of your children
  • Providing you with temporary child support if you have any children together
  • Granting you possession of a pet

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I gladly hired Mr. Travis to handle my Divorce case, this is the first time I file for a divorce so he took the time to explain to me how it works and how we should proceed. His fees were very reasonable compared to other lawyers in Virginia. He is a very knowledgeable and competent lawyer, working fast and efficient to go through the divorce papers. Mr. Travis was almost always available when I would call the office to discuss issues regarding my case. If he wasn’t available he would call back as soon as possible.

Travis is a very experienced lawyer in landlord/tenant dispute. He provided timely and well-thought advice throughout. More importantly, he is responsive and accessible at any time. Highly recommended.

Travis is very honest and compassionate. I used his services on 2 different occasions within the last 5 years and saw him grow into a very strong professional. He is very good at listening and truly understanding your needs and won’t spend needless time and money. He will fight for you and the best interest of your kids. I cannot recommend Travis highly enough if you are facing a difficult time of divorce and need a caring yet very strong attorney who’s truly looking out for you.

I found Raj Dua through a womens’ advocacy group in June 2008. My three children had been abducted from India and brought to the Virginia, USA without my knowledge, and I was beginning a long struggle to get my children back through the Fairfax courts. Not only did Mr. Dua come highly recommended to me by the womens’ group who was helping me at the time, but as I began working with him, I found that he was very talented. From the first meeting, Mr. Dua presented a keen intelligence, an eye of detail and a sympathy for my case.

My case was a very complex one involving two countries, the issue of subject matter jurisdiction, divorce, custody, child support and more. Mr. Dua worked long dedicated hours to sift through the complexities, prepare for each hearing thoroughly, and present lucid arguments at court. He was dedicated to the case every step of the way, and was instrumental in helping me get the positive outcomes I wanted – at every hearing. He placed a strong emphasis on detailed case preparation, including a lot of research of case law, and excellent presentation, and had an eye for the right details that could either make or break a case. Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Dua for his skill, talent, compassion, and understanding of my case. If anyone has a complex matter, especially with regards to family law/custody, I would say that Mr. Dua would definitely be the best person to contact.

I recently used the services of Dua Law Firm and worked with Travis Van Hook. Travis is responsive, thorough, understanding, and effective. He is very knowledgeable about and has a great deal of experience with protective orders. I felt a great sense of comfort having him represent me and was quite pleased with his work. Without reservation, I highly recommend Travis – you won’t be disappointed!

Travis is very knowledgeable, responded very promptly to my messages and provided me with the legal advice I needed. He was always very professional, kind and supportive. I highly recommend Travis and I will continue to retain his services, as needed.

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