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Reckless Driving

Reckless driving and related charges such as negligent driving, aggressive driving, fleeing and eluding police and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are treated as serious offenses in Virginia, and result in a misdemeanor along with fines or even jail time in case of conviction. In order to protect your reputation, freedom and driving privileges, your best course of action is to hire an experienced Virginia reckless driving lawyer: Dua Law Firm. We will use every available resource to build a strong case and improve your chances of receiving a favorable outcome in your upcoming court date.  Learn more about Reckless Driving Law in Loudoun County, VA.


Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) is one of the most common criminal offenses in the state of Virginia, and the penalties associated with a conviction escalate dramatically with any subsequent violations. A conviction could cost you your job or your security clearance, or prevent you from finding employment or housing or getting a security clearance in the future. You’ll have to provide proof of your financial responsibility and will be required to have vehicle insurance with more coverage than the usual state minimums, and you likely will pay more for that coverage because of the DUI/DWI conviction.  Learn more about DUI/DWI’s and our legal services in Loudoun County, VA.

Petit Larceny

Petit larceny can be a lot of things. Shoplifting is one example of a theft offense that can be a form of petit larceny. The statutes spells out two ways a theft offense may be considered petit larceny.“From a person” means taking something that’s on another person’s body or in his or her physical possession or immediate control. Grabbing a wallet out of someone’s hand or snatching a purse from someone’s shoulder would be theft from a person.“Not from a person” is a more indirect type of theft. If the person’s wallet is inside a locker at a gym and you take it while the person is working out or taking a shower, the wallet isn’t in his or her physical possession or immediate control. That would be a type of theft not from a person.  Learn more about Petit Larceny and its associated charges in Loudoun County, VA.

Possession of Marijuana

Any drug arrest must be taken very seriously. Even a first-offense misdemeanor charge for possession of a small amount of marijuana could land you in jail, cost you your job, or severely limit your future prospects. But the law also recognizes that drug crimes often go hand-in-hand with addictions, and opportunities exist in some cases to undergo substance abuse screening and treatment in lieu of stricter penalties. We can help you determine if the circumstances of your case might qualify you for treatment and probation or a more lenient sentence, or if defenses exist to have your charge dismissed altogether.  Learn more about Possession of Marijuana and what our legal team can do for you in Prince Loudoun County, VA.

Protective Orders

We not only represents clients in a variety of divorce and property settlement actions, but also in situations of family abuse. We put our clients first in all situations, but especially when the health and well-being of a client is at risk. If you are facing domestic abuse or violence, you need to take action immediately. We can help you put the law to work for you, so that you can protect yourselves and your children against an abusive spouse, parent or other family member.  Learn more about getting a protective order in Loudoun County, VA.


Being able to start over without regret, with the ability to live without having financial difficulties is priceless.  We understand that people want as painless and quick a divorce as possible. We want our clients, whenever possible, to walk away from a divorce with everything they deserve plus an amicable relationship with their ex-spouse. Unless there are no other options on the table left except to fight, we’re going to try and see you and your family through the storm as emotionally unscarred by the experience as possible.  Learn more about getting a divorce in Loudoun County, VA.


Most people tend to procrastinate when it comes to estate planning. Let’s face it, deciding who gets your assets when you are gone, and who will manage your assets if you become disabled, are tasks most people would rather ignore. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to take that first step toward greater peace of mind.  A will provides written instructions as to how you want your estate to be distributed, who you want to handle the probate process and, if you have minor children, who you want to raise those children, and who you want to be in control of the money for those children.  Learn more about Estate Planning and creating a Will in Loudoun County, VA.

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