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Divorce Mediation in Fairfax County, VA

Fairfax County, VA Divorce Mediators

When the unexpected happens and a couple realizes they cannot make their marriage work, they begin the process of filing for divorce. One of the most difficult parts of a divorce for most couples is to divide assets and reach a divorce agreement. In divorces where the partners cannot easily agree, coming up with a solution that appeals to both parties can seem almost impossible. Even though divorce is never easy, using a divorce mediator can make the process of reaching a settlement or agreement much simpler.
Mediation is especially helpful in particularly emotional divorces and/or when the issue of child custody must be resolved. A neutral, third-party mediator will make sure that the interests of all involved are protected can help two partners avoid a messy, contested court battle. Dua Law firm’s expert mediators will work with you and your partner to establish an amicable agreement and will strive to reach a win-win outcome.

Child Custody and Visitation in Fairfax County, VA

Divorce is not only tough on the splitting partners, but on their child or children as well. When a marriage ends, the parents must decide with whom their children will live, and discussions on this issue can get heated if the parents are not in agreement. Each parent may try for joint or sole custody in addition to visitation rights if necessary, and making this big decision can be difficult.
Although a judge will have the ultimate decision over what type of custody is granted to which parent, a mediator may be able to help both parents reach their own agreement before heading into court for the type of custody they wish to file for. A mediator can help parents determine which type of custody is in the child’s best interests so they can come prepared to court with a plan.

Spousal and Child Support in Fairfax County, VA

Not only must divorcing parents decide child custody, but they must settle how each of them can financially support the child or children. In Fairfax County, VA, both parents are held responsible for child support, and payments are often based on each parent’s income. Usually, the parent granted the most custody will request child support from their partner who does not live with the child. One partner may also request other payments from their spouse to help them make ends meet. A mediator can help both parents determine what each partner will pay for child support as well as establish a plan for spousal support payments if desired.

Marital Property

In Fairfax County, VA, marital property is any joint income earned during the marriage as well as any property purchased with that joint income. This property may include a house, vehicles, furniture, appliances, and more. Fairfax County, VA is an equitable distribution state, meaning that courts will try to divide marital property as evenly and fairly as possible. This may not be a simple task, depending on the amount of property obtained, the partners’ joint income, and a variety of other factors. A mediator can help you determine you and your spouse’s total marital property and who has a right to which property before the matter can be settled by a judge.

Dua Protects Your Best Interests During a Divorce

At Dua Law Firm, we understand the emotional and financial strain of divorce. Even uncontested divorces can be stressful for both parties, and the road ahead may look uncertain. Our divorce attorneys Travis Van Hook and Raj Dua are dedicated to helping you navigate the storm of divorce and protecting your interests during the divorce agreement and mediation process. They will aim to make the divorce as smooth and painless as possible, but will fight for your rights when necessary.
If you’re going through a divorce in Fairfax County, VA, make sure you hire the best attorneys who will make sure you’re protected by the divorce agreement.
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I gladly hired Mr. Travis to handle my Divorce case, this is the first time I file for a divorce so he took the time to explain to me how it works and how we should proceed. His fees were very reasonable compared to other lawyers in Virginia. He is a very knowledgeable and competent lawyer, working fast and efficient to go through the divorce papers. Mr. Travis was almost always available when I would call the office to discuss issues regarding my case. If he wasn’t available he would call back as soon as possible.

Travis is a very experienced lawyer in landlord/tenant dispute. He provided timely and well-thought advice throughout. More importantly, he is responsive and accessible at any time. Highly recommended.

Travis is very honest and compassionate. I used his services on 2 different occasions within the last 5 years and saw him grow into a very strong professional. He is very good at listening and truly understanding your needs and won’t spend needless time and money. He will fight for you and the best interest of your kids. I cannot recommend Travis highly enough if you are facing a difficult time of divorce and need a caring yet very strong attorney who’s truly looking out for you.

I found Raj Dua through a womens’ advocacy group in June 2008. My three children had been abducted from India and brought to the Virginia, USA without my knowledge, and I was beginning a long struggle to get my children back through the Fairfax courts. Not only did Mr. Dua come highly recommended to me by the womens’ group who was helping me at the time, but as I began working with him, I found that he was very talented. From the first meeting, Mr. Dua presented a keen intelligence, an eye of detail and a sympathy for my case.

My case was a very complex one involving two countries, the issue of subject matter jurisdiction, divorce, custody, child support and more. Mr. Dua worked long dedicated hours to sift through the complexities, prepare for each hearing thoroughly, and present lucid arguments at court. He was dedicated to the case every step of the way, and was instrumental in helping me get the positive outcomes I wanted – at every hearing. He placed a strong emphasis on detailed case preparation, including a lot of research of case law, and excellent presentation, and had an eye for the right details that could either make or break a case. Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Dua for his skill, talent, compassion, and understanding of my case. If anyone has a complex matter, especially with regards to family law/custody, I would say that Mr. Dua would definitely be the best person to contact.

I recently used the services of Dua Law Firm and worked with Travis Van Hook. Travis is responsive, thorough, understanding, and effective. He is very knowledgeable about and has a great deal of experience with protective orders. I felt a great sense of comfort having him represent me and was quite pleased with his work. Without reservation, I highly recommend Travis – you won’t be disappointed!

Travis is very knowledgeable, responded very promptly to my messages and provided me with the legal advice I needed. He was always very professional, kind and supportive. I highly recommend Travis and I will continue to retain his services, as needed.

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