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Protective Orders

We not only represents clients in a variety of divorce and property settlement actions, but also in situations of family abuse. We put our clients first in all situations, but especially when the health and well-being of a client is at risk. If you are facing domestic abuse or violence, you need to take action immediately. We can help you put the law to work for you, so that you can protect yourselves and your children against an abusive spouse, parent or other family member.  Learn more about getting a protective order in Arlington County, VA.


Being able to start over without regret, with the ability to live without having financial difficulties is priceless.  We understand that people want as painless and quick a divorce as possible. We want our clients, whenever possible, to walk away from a divorce with everything they deserve plus an amicable relationship with their ex-spouse. Unless there are no other options on the table left except to fight, we’re going to try and see you and your family through the storm as emotionally unscarred by the experience as possible.  Learn more about getting a divorce in Arlington County, VA.  

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