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Reckless Driving and Driving Defense Services in Northern Virginia

In Northern Virginia, reckless driving is careless and dangerous and can endanger nearby drivers and pedestrians too. While reckless driving can easily be prevented, we all make mistakes. It is important to take the time to protect your freedom, reputation, as well as driving privileges by hiring a professional Northern Virginia reckless driving attorney.


DUA Law Firm comes fully equipped with every available resource to build you a strong case and improve your chances of receiving a better outcome. We have a team of experienced reckless driving lawyers in the Northern Virginia area that establish an effective case strategy to increase your chance of successful results in court.

Northern Virginia Reckless Driving Laws and Regulations

When you commit a reckless driving felony in Northern Virginia, the number of years a conviction remains on your record can vary. General reckless driving cases include speeding 20 mph above the listed speed limit, racing, passing or overtaking an emergency vehicle and school bus, and failing to provide a proper signal. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles details that reckless driving violations are driving a commercial vehicle while unqualified, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and refusing a blood or breath test can convict you of reckless driving and permanently remain on your record. To guarantee that you receive the best services and obtain successful results, receiving assistance from a DUA reckless driving lawyer will provide the quality driving defense services you need.

Consequences of Northern Virginia Reckless Driving Conviction

Being an endangerment to others on the road comes at a price. If convicted of negligent driving, aggressive driving, fleeing and eluding police and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it will be treated as serious offenses in the state of Virginia. Depending on the type of reckless driving violation, you could receive a severe penalty such as a misdemeanor offense, which stays on your permanent record. You can prevent these consequences such as potential fines, jail time, license suspension, points on driving record. A few of the major consequences that are the most concerning are an increase in your insurance premium, loss of a job, denial of security clearance. By working together with a reckless driving attorney, a DUA Law firm is able to develop the best strategy to help you get the reckless driving defense services you deserve.

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If you have been convicted of a reckless driving offense or a related crime in the Northern Virginia area, it is highly recommended that you work with the best legal defense available. With an experienced Northern Virginia reckless driving lawyer, we will help defend you with quality lawyers that care to get you the best favorable outcome in court.


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