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What Does a Family Law Attorney do?

Family law is legal practice regarding matters of familial relationships. When in need of assistance with a legal issue concerning members of your family, times can be stressful and highly emotional. It isn’t always easy to understand the best logical compromise to come to. Fortunately, help is out there. The Dua Law Firm has family law attorneys in Northern Virginia with the experience and expertise necessary to handle even the toughest of cases.

Read below to understand some of the cases the Dua Law Firm’s family attorneys can work with you on.


1. Divorce

Divorce is still extremely common in the United States. Aside from the emotional stress, divorce can be a logistical nightmare. Aspects divorcing spouses should think about include:


-Distribution of Property
-Child Custody


Getting help from an experienced family law lawyer ensures that you will receive competent representation regarding the issues in your case.   To the best of his or her ability, a family law lawyer will draft an agreement on each subject that satisfies each party involved.


2. Child Support and Custody

Family law lawyers take many factors into account when deciding how parents should distribute care and expenses for their children following a divorce or separation. Considerations such as: the incomes of each spouse, the history and emotional relationship between them, the age and needs of the child, as well as the location of residence for those involved are all important in a child support or custody case. Because there are so many factors involved with these agreements, it is important to find a family attorney in Northern Virginia that is highly qualified to handle any child custody or child support situation.


3. Protective orders

In situations of abuse, a protective order is often the safest option for the victimized party. Family attorneys at the Dua Law Firm are well-equipped to help people who find themselves in dangerous circumstances and will take immediate legal action to protect your health and well-being. Proper representation is especially crucial if you or your children are at risk of further abuse.


4. Prenuptial Agreements

While getting married is a joyful experience in life, it is sometimes the most prudent decision to plan ahead in the case of a turn for the worse. A prenuptial agreement can ease the mind of spouses that are happy to be getting married but understand that divorce is a possibility and want to be prepared. The Dua Law Firm’s family law attorneys in Northern Virginia can draft contracts that consider property division, monetary support, and who should possess your shared residence.


Our Family Attorneys in Northern Virginia Will Fight with You Until the End

At the Dua Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our dedication to coming up with solutions that will help families move on from this difficult time in their lives. Our expertise has yielded a high success rate in the field on a range of cases in Fairfax County and the Northern Virginia area. If you or a loved one are in a tough situation with a family member, don’t give it another day. Call us at (703) 382-7300, or fill out an online contact form.