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What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you find yourself in a legal complication, you may need a Fairfax County VA criminal defense attorney. Criminal defense lawyers must possess an array of qualities and provide a wealth of experience to effectively help you. Legal complications are scary, and you should be able to trust your attorney wholeheartedly to help you with them.

However, finding the right lawyer is often a difficult task. Fairfax County VA has many different criminal defense attorneys and firms, which can make the decision process overwhelming and frustrating. Here are some tips on what you should look for in your search for a criminal defense attorney:

  • Years of experience: Learning on the job is often the most effective way to learn. There are many things you cannot know until you learn them through experience. Therefore, you want a Fairfax County VA criminal defense attorney who has a wealth of experience through years of practicing. Legal complications are not something to take lightly, nor are they something that goes away without extreme precaution and careful thought by your chosen attorney. Frequent mistakes from an inexperienced attorney will harm your chances of getting your desired legal outcome.
  • Wide range of legal defense services: Legal defense is not one size fits all. Your attorney should offer an array of legal defense services to best fit your needs. While you may only be facing one particular charge, choosing an attorney with a wide range of services is best for ensuring your attorney is skilled and dependable.
  • A passion for your case: At the end of the day, Fairfax County VA criminal defense attorneys speak for you in court. They should have your best interest at heart, and think of you as an actual person instead of just a case file. They should be dedicated to giving you the best possible legal outcome and protect your future.
  • Practices in your county: Different District Attorneys (D.A.) have various rules in different counties. It’s important to hire a Fairfax County criminal defense attorney who has experience and familiarity with Fairfax County. Hiring an attorney who only has experience with Loudon County for a Fairfax County crime could mean that attorney does not know the ins and outs of that specific court.

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